Bouncing Back From the Babble Sack

Bubbling cauldrons of thanks to those who raised cards at Babble last night. You were supposed to use the yellow ones but it was rather dark in the auditorium, we know. Must have a word with Jack Dean about that, probably. For those who were not there, let it be known that Juncture 25 stormed the show, losing with gusto and a flamboyant score of 7 11*, compared to the Teignmouth Poets frankly rather flabby 20. If we had realised the lego man on the table was the actual trophy we would have played dirtier. It was a totally terrific night, and as there’s one more show going on this evening, best get thee to it. There is the promise of kung-fu headgear. Keep peeled for further news ahead, including appearances at 2000 Trees and stirrings in the probability particles of P-… but no more of that for now.

*Jack kindly corrected this. I must have thought he said "unleavened" before.