Presentation, Impulse and Reflection by Taunton poets


We are a group of writers based around the county town of Somerset, UK. Across ages and styles, we come together for the purpose of mutual inspiration, critical feedback and public performance, with a view to revitalising poetry in all its forms.

Founded in 2010, we are a fusion of different backgrounds, sharing a common wish: to write well.

With members of all ages, from twenties to nineties, we have a mixed approach that covers both the classical and the contemporary; the political and the homely; the sharp and the surreal – but conjoining to make the singular happening that is Juncture 25. 

The group meets fortnightly for regular feedback and workshop sessions, makes appearances at spoken word events across the West Country and has produced the showcase anthology Going On. 

For a taste of our poetry, take the egress into Works (above) or look to incoming events in our News feed.

Poetry happens where paths meet.