Bouncing Back From the Babble Sack

Bubbling cauldrons of thanks to those who raised cards at Babble last night. You were supposed to use the yellow ones but it was rather dark in the auditorium, we know. Must have a word with Jack Dean about that, probably. For those who were not there, let it be known that Juncture 25 stormed the show, losing with gusto and a flamboyant score of 7 11*, compared to the Teignmouth Poets frankly rather flabby 20. If we had realised the lego man on the table was the actual trophy we would have played dirtier. It was a totally terrific night, and as there’s one more show going on this evening, best get thee to it. There is the promise of kung-fu headgear. Keep peeled for further news ahead, including appearances at 2000 Trees and stirrings in the probability particles of P-… but no more of that for now.

*Jack kindly corrected this. I must have thought he said "unleavened" before.

Babble Trouble

The fabled Juncture 25 will be flexing their verbal foibles at the bonkers bash that is Babble on Wednesday 4th June. See us pitted in wit and word against the formidable and unwobblable weebles, Teignmouth Poets! If you fancy an evening of (in)competence in utterance, words hauled from the auditorium, a few derigible egos and haikus flashing like rapiers, not to mention some not half-bad guest readers, rumble on up and give us a roar and a score. Games gee up at 10pm at the Bikeshed in Exeter.

Rumours of Goings On (at local book launch!)

You will see from this page by the pivotal Brendon Books, whose work in organising the Literature Festival (as well as publishing the quintessential Lamp magazine) are singularly responsible for so much of Taunton’s literary life, that we – yes, Juncture 25 – are to be present at a local book launch event. Why would this be, one might wonder? Stay alert for further signs of what might be Going On.

Tugging at Porlock

In another sell out session, Juncture 25 made a feature appearance at the Porlock Arts Festival, reading for the benefit of local lovers of poetry and the Beacon Centre for Cancer, who received proceeds from the ticket and book sales. Members of the Exmoor Society were among the audience, and it was rumoured Margaret Drabble stopped by to listen.

Luscious Utterances

On June 6th, 2013, Juncture 25 made their exclusive debut at a charitable event hosted by Lush Cosmetics in Taunton. The occasion sold out and was well received, with proceeds going to a local children’s charity encouraging creative writing for those with specialised learning needs.